Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dear FastYfierce

It is possible to get 2 FastYfierce of course.
The blader here may or may not be my brother, who insists on grabbing onto lots of bumpers. FastYfierce Trouble making; doesn't neccesarily always end well...

However, I was just trying waaay to hard to bunny hop a little bicycle, and i flipped over so fast my leg got in the way, SNAP!!

While enjoying a brief sojourn back in Durango.

Tomorrow is April FoolZ and I have surgery out here in ColyRADo, way early. It does not seem like the Doc is into practical jokes though, which is nice.

Hope everyone is doing
well, peas out

Friday, March 20, 2009


FastYfierce is awful real lucky to have a number of Amazing ArtistS! on board as well.
When at all possible we'll be supporting them the best way possible. Riding up en-force FYF!! (buying lots of their art? somebody better!)

We'll try and keep apprised on this here blogaroo,,, will reveal accordingly.


FreaK Out!

HI there, lemme introduce you to some fine fellaZ from the FastYfierce TinyPony Support Squad.. Our FyF Dad, William, who is the original owner of that sweet 1984 Cannondale Track bike, Scott Rounds, a damn fine wrench at Brooklyn Bike Y B, when he's not gettin' serious with cameras, and Pete the Blur, another BbYb employee as well as The Drummer for lots of things, especially the Scandinavian Half Breeds.

So here's a little thing you must know about FastYfierce and StompariLLaz / Stompn' in General.
We aspire to stomp till our dying day, see. And hopefully not alone.
But we're all well aware of the constraints of time, ours and everyones', and thus uninterrupted appearances anywhere are un-possible, especially in this fine city.

PLease do Not feel bad if you're invited to get FastYfierce and you can't make it; or you make it some times and not others. This is not a bad thing, we just hope to get together SomeTime, that's all.

Long Story Short, my personal philosophy; Invite everyone all the time, and see who shows up some-time!

I won't be able to make it to Grand Army Plaza this Sunday at Hi noon, as I plan on being about 11,000' high in ColoRADo, but our FyF Dad oughta be there as well as the rest of the initiated FastYfiercerZ, and how.

Hope to see y'all after a while.m

Four OUght

HI yo, so this is a STOmpariLLaz Fourth of July Ride from two years ago. Right off the bat I wanna say that these punks are ardently out of line riding without Helmets but they're upstanding citizens and if they wanna die from a preventable injury I will beat their ass too.

That being said, I hope to shoot a FastYfierce MOoovie on this Fourth of July, following a relatively similar premise, bikes + boomboxes to the beach. Although this here photo is of the
Frying Pan River rd, with Stomperz en route to a sweet swimming hole, we'll be shooting in BrKLYN, and the more the merrier.

peas m

I am Not a Machine!

Well StompariLLaz are Not Not Machines, just not really fast machineZ. Fabian Cancellara is the World Time Trial Champion, but he's been feeling a lil' under the weather this spring. I'm sure if you were so inclined you could find those accusing him of coming down off of doping or something. But he says he's just not a machine, and he hopes to be faster later; me too. check it out at velosnooze if you like. .m

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bike Lady Meet n' Greet in Manahatta at a Bike Shop!

From Bicycle Habitat, where I think we oughta RSVP for the talk?

Women's Night with the Trek Biker Chick

Wednesday evening, March 25, Bicycle Habitat will host Chris Garrison of Trek Bicycles. Wine and cheese will be served along with Chris's expertise. About Chris Space is limited please RSVP to Charlie

Chris Garrison

Chris Garrison "Trek Biker Chick"

About Chris Garrison - 'Trek Biker Chick'

Chris hails from Ocean City NJ. She discovered cycling while living in the Poconos. After summering at the Jersey shore her beach cruiser soon found its way to the mountains to be ridden through the woods and the trails near home. After graduating College she took a Wall Street job with Bloomberg and was there when Mike became Mayor.

She gave that up when “I learned money really isn’t everything”. She moved to Colorado to snowboard and bike. In 2004 she moved to the UK to work at Singletrack Magazine.

In 2005 she got the call from Trek to become Trek’s first Wsd (Women’s Specific Design) ‘biker chick’. She traveled the continent for two years with Chrisiy Redden (World Champ Ex racer for Subaru) spreading the gospel about women and cycling. In 2008 she returned to the Northeast and took over this territory representing Trek’s women’s program.

She sent these factoids, and impressed the heck out of me especially since I think Keith Bontrager is one of the smartest people in cycling.

-I have been Keith Bontrager's 24 hour race mechanic off and on for 10 years. I taught him the value of heckling. He taught me the value of cheap table wine.

-I personally own somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 bikes, scattered across 3 States, and two countries. I have a bike in every port, so to speak.

-As of last year, after taking up downhilling and dirt jumping, the only type of riding that I don't do is BMX.

-My first bike was a Schwinn Fair Lady. It was silver. I took it apart when I was 8.

-I did an MS 150 on my first mountain bike, which was a Trek 7000 given to me for my high school graduation present in 1991. The day after the MS ride, I went and bought my first road bike: a Trek 2300.

Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure, my name is Max and this is my bike. I wwwrrreally like to ride.